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We can have individual, couples/partners, or family sessions, in any combination. During the initial appointment, we will discuss the various options and choose one that works best for your current situation. This arrangement is flexible and will likely change throughout our relationship, depending on your needs. My approach involves a plethora of techniques, modalities, and theories, effectively catered to your personal concerns and style.

I do not accept insurance, but can provide statements for independent filing. I do offer a limited number of sliding scale sessions per week; please inquire if needed.

Individual Sessions

Life can be challenging at any age and stage. There are events and time periods that expectedly increase stress, and then there are surprises. Individual sessions can provide a safe and unbiased place to foster your self-exploration and growth. Topics may include:

  • mindfulness

  • anxiety

  • trauma

  • stress

  • depression

  • transitions

  • education/vocation

  • family relationships

  • friendships

  • romantic relationships

  • sex / sexuality / kink / LGBTQ+

  • gender identity

* $150 for 50 min session    $240 for 80 minutes *        click here to schedule

Couples/Partners Sessions

Couples therapy can offer the extra support needed to handle difficult times in a relationship. It's a tool to improve overall strength and happiness.                   I work with a variety of partner types: dating, married, polyamorous, hetero / homo / pan / bi-sexual, as well as those who are ending their romantic relationship and want support through the transition.

  • parenting

  • marriage

  • separating

  • co-habitation

  • communication

  • connectedness

  • sex / sexuality / kink / LGBTQ+

* $150 for 50 min session    $240 for 80 minutes *        click here to schedule

Family/Relational Sessions

Some define family with bloodlines and family trees, others consider their closest friends family. No matter the shape, size, or content the truth is: we all have them. At best, family members support and encourage each other. At worst, well let's save that for the therapy room...                                       Sessions with family members can help when we desire more from our network. Improving and maintaining positive relationships is one way to increase the size and strength of our support systems. Just as there are many different types of families, there are a myriad of ways to form a family session. Sessions may include: parent(s) and child(ren); siblings; grandparents and parents; biological and adopted parents; caregivers; co-workers; and/or close friends. We will work to improve the whole system by respecting each member and working with everyone's qualities.

  • adoption

  • death/illness

  • sibling rivalry

  • divorce

  • adult-child and parent relationships

  • caring for elderly parents

  • multigenerational households

* $150 for 50 min session    $240 for 80 minutes *      click here to schedule

EMDR Sessions

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) may be an appropriate psychotherapy model for some people and situations when traditional talk therapy isn't enough. To learn more about EMDR, check out these FAQ pages: EMDRIA and EMDRII.

Some examples of when EMDR can be used:           

  • PTSD

  • grief

  • traumatic events

  • panic attacks

  • performance anxiety

  • addictions

  • disturbing memories

  • abuse

  • phobias

  • stress reduction

* 80 minute sessions ($240) are ideal, but 50 minutes ($150) is an option too*        click here to schedule

Also available for trainings, presentations, and consultations. Please contact to discuss your needs.

Visit the 'Groups' page for information about ongoing support and process groups.

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